Adiuto Channel Program

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is a certification program dedicated to Adiuto’s network of partners, finalized to increase knowledge and competencies to independently operate on the market with better chances of success.

CERTIFICAZION helps Partners:

– Differentiate from competitors
– Demonstrate specific competencies in the field
– Increase profits and client satisfaction
– Reduce time-to-market and implementation costs
– Develop and retain key employees
– Stand out thanks to the integration among ADIUTO partner
– Acquire skills in line with clients’ needs
– Generate demand among clients through unique solutions
– Value projects with complete, efficient and consolidate solutions

It certifies consultation companies or sole-proprietorship companies in the IT world that can refer extemporaneous opportunities, sharing the business from a commercial point of view.

It certifies firms that operate in the IT field and in the software production world and independently manage their clients and to whom companies want to propose a wider scope of commercial offers.

It certifies structured companies with a sales and technical department and service operational independence, able to perform marketing activities on the field and interact with Adiuto to plan measures targeted on specific markets.


Learning paths are designed in order to develop knowledge, skills and competencies in the following areas:

– Sales and Marketing
– Tech Support
– Management


ADIUTO is committed to supporting partners in commercial and marketing activities and keeping them updated through preferential information channels.

La certificazioneCERTIFICAZION

The certification process of partners, based on structural, organizational and technical requirements, is performed through their selection. Such requirements create the foundations for the choice of the certification level and learning path creation.


The objectives of the program are a set of strategic and organizational solutions aiming at:

  • Increasing quality standards of the partner 
  • Improving relationship and communication
  • Spreading culture and specific Document e-Management and Business Process Management knowledge 
  • Acquiring a competitive edge in the market and over competitors
  • Acquiring new partners

Partners qualification implies meeting the standards imposed by Adiuto and taking part in a LEARNING PATH finalized to the achievement of the best certification level.

The learning path has to be considered the core of the program, within which actions and activities focused on its implementation are gathered.

In order to ensure the achievement of set goals, Adiuto will make available TOOLS and RESOURCES vital to the learning path implementation and will develop INITIATIVES and SERVICES that will allow retainment and development of QUALITY LEVELS reached by partner.