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OVERVIEW – From process quality to product quality

Considering the kind of products they market and the laws they have to comply with, food companies base their survival on documents and the information contained in them. These companies’ quality of processes hence involve several people and departments and are vital for business survival. The challenge of dealing with international and national norms (HACCP and food traceability) compels these companies to constantly check their decisional and productive processes. It is essential for these businesses to respond in a clear, specific way and in a timely fashion to the changes of production processes or to the requests of the monitoring organizations, as well as to keep their documents up to date, should an inspection take place.  The traceability of procedural flows, the specificity and accuracy of the available data as well as full compliance with national and international regulations are also crucial for these companies.


  • Strict conformity to the CURRENT NORMS
  • TRACEABILITY of operations
  • Immediate INTERACTION with the MONITORING organizations
  • SHARING OF up-to-date productive DOCUMENTS with clients and suppliers


Every day we assist companies that decide to undergo a digital transformation process which will lead to a better management of critical processes, where different people from Quality and Production interact with each other. Specificity and traceability of data are fundamental even before context. Information has to flow easily within the company departments and be real-time and available everywhere in order to better respond to production needs. The knowledge of the challenges and difficulties food companies have to face in similar scenarios allows us to provide an adequate response, conveying the information where it is needed and at the most appropriate time. Putting under our platform’s control all the processes that make interaction possible between different institutions and departments also makes business efficient and productive.


In order to provide the firm with a single access point to data, information, documents as a means to make its management quicker, more effective and more simple. Our experience and our platform aided these businesses in accelerating processes and interactions among the players involved, making the relationship among different departments or with clients more efficient, allowing to have a better cost control and lower response time.