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Adiuto is a project by JM Consulting, a consulting firm based in Piacenza, active since 1999 in the software engineering field, born of the entrepreneurship of a group of professionals and that sees in the technological development determined by the Internet a real and solid business opportunity.

The ability of meeting the needs of an ever-expanding market took JM Consulting to create the brand Adiuto in 2000, in order to simplify the work flow by making different tools available for an efficient management of documents, processes and information that are vital for the company business. Adiuto develops and offers complete solutions for:


Since 2012 Adiuto has been developing commercial policies and marketing strategies for the whole channel, managing the whole ADIUTO sales network, through a commercial structure made up of a Team Area Manager, Consultants and a certification program that supports our partners.

Process Management
Document Management
Archiving and Legal Conservation
Electronic Invoicing
Electronic Signatures

Adiuto, the “humanistic” vision of the IT world

In an era where digital information in business firms is steadily increasing, affecting life style and the way we do business and becoming the engine of business itself – besides being a tool to gain a competitive edge – AN OPTIMAL MANAGEMENT OF THIS ASSET AND OF SIMILAR DOCUMENTS IS REQUIRED.

It is therefore essential for users to develop a strategic knowledge that allows them to make correct choices.

Adiuto’s solutions are aimed to reach that objective: VALUE THE KNOWLEDGE OF BUSINESS REALITY.

The benefits

Since the very beginning of its activity Adiuto has been pursuing the goal of simplifying documents and make company information accessible and available. In a few years, a tight-knit team managed to reach a high quality and competency standard which immediately identified Adiuto, making it stand out from the crowd in the documental management scenario and distinguish itself as one of the few leading companies in the field.

The extensive knowledge of corporate processes, with the ability to listen and continuously discussing ideas, led to the development of innovative, flexible, customized and easy to implement solutions because they meet the real needs of the customer, without changing the user’s line of work but actually enhancing it, because complex does not necessarily mean complicated.

All Adiuto’s solutions are multi platform, entirely Java developed and completely server based, able to interconnect with the most common and popular databases, easily usable, totally integrated and with an intuitive graphic interface.


Manuale conservazione sostitutivaArchiving and legal conservation Manual

Adiuto has been authorized by the competent authorities to release the complete manual of all the compliant procedures that regulate archiving and legal conservation.

Analisi di archiviazione sostitutivaArchiving and Legal Conservation Analysis

Adiuto’s Experts are available to advise companies on the best approach to take to start using by law Archiving and legal conservation

Progetto di fattbilitàFeasibility project

Through a consolidated analysis method, Adiuto designs feasibility projects that always take into account client’s  needs.

Analisi_consulenzaAnalysis and consulting

Adiuto provides an analysis and consulting service, in order to offer to its clients the suitable answer to their requests

Consulenza remotaRemote consulting service

The service allows to intervene on the remote documental platform installed on the clients’ servers, lowering the time needed for the intervention and the related outplacement assistance costs.

Consulenza legale fiscaleLegal and fiscal consulting

The service relies upon the expertise of nationally renowned, registered professionals who collaborate with the Italian Revenue Agency, Universities and companies that already use our electronic billing and substitutive storage services.

Check dei processi di archiviazione elettronica

Archiving and legal conservation  process check

Intervento come relatore

Conference speakers service

FormazioneProfessional Training

Adiuto offers qualified professional training courses, customized according to each client’s needs and characteristics


Monitored Processes
Area Managers
Pre Sale
Supported production sites
Training program
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