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OVERVIEW – Quick and safe decisions

Also chemical companies live, just like their “cousins” – pharmaceutical companies – , mainly on quality and production processes, in order to better control every small detail of production and safety of their products. Documentation on which every departmental decision is based has to be quickly available and “safe” in terms of its up-to-date and “truthful” content. The most critical issue of these companies is indeed the information sharing and the certainty of its specificity. An adequate compliance with international and national regulations is surely a fundamental matter for chemical companies therefore Quality department monitors closely, not without difficulties, the exchange of paper documents or the traceability of processes structured “on paper” but not structured in their daily application, because of the paper trail and the bad corporate storage practices.


  • PROLIFERATION AND REDUNDANCY of paper documentation
  • DIFFICULTIES in CONTROLLING productive and quality processes
  •  SHARING OF up-to-date productive DOCUMENTS with clients and suppliers


Information has to flow easily within the company departments and be real-time and available everywhere in order to better respond to production needs. Our experience with firms operating in the field let us be consultants before being suppliers. The knowledge of the challenges and difficulties chemical companies have to face in similar scenarios allows us to provide an adequate response, bringing the whole company around the data, the information, making it available where it is needed and at the most appropriate time. Putting under our platform’s control all the processes that make interaction possible between different institutions and departments also makes business efficient and productive.


It is indisputable that a fast, reliable and efficient platform, that allows you to simply guide people through the fruition of information and activities, makes productivity and every single person’s job more smooth and efficient. The company that decides to introduce this kind of system will be able not only to effectively facilitate its associates’ work, but also to rapidly adapt to organizational changes generated by its own market, quickly creating a strong relationship with clients.