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OVERVIEW – Traceability, univocity and certainty

Pharmaceutical companies, probably more than any other companies, base their survival on documents and information considering their products and their purposes. For this very reason Quality processes in the pharmaceutical field involve several people and departments and are the real “core” of the company. The challenge of dealing with international and national norms compels these companies to constantly check their decisional and productive processes. Vital people and processes cooperate in order to improve and make their products more effective, both to adequately and quickly respond to the demands of the markets and to the changes of norms and monitoring bodies. It is therefore fundamental for this companies to answer to the change of productive processes and to the monitoring bodies’ requests clearly, univocally and in a timely fashion. That also has priority over the administrative aspect that distinguishes them from other firms. Traceability of procedural flows, univocity and certainty of available data and full compliance to international laws are also essential to these businesses.


  • SAFE ACCESS to DATA and documents
  • Strict CONFORMITY to current NORMS
  • Operations TRACEABILITY
  • Quick INTERACTION with DRUGS MONITORING organizations


Working closely with companies operating in the field for several years and providing them with a platform conforming to the national and international norms, we acquired a profound knowledge of the processes that are characteristic of the market, besides a great “vertical” competence in each different category of drugs producers. Every day we assist companies that decide to undergo a digital transformation process which will lead to a better management of critical processes, where different people from Quality and Production interact with each other. The pharmaceutical world needs to give definite answers and engage in activities focused primarily on “internal clients” more than on “external clients”. Data specificity and traceability are fundamental and they should be addressed even before context is. A pharmaceutical company lives mostly of certain structured processes and has the necessity to compare itself to and work with partners and expert consultants that can guide it and face the organizational and efficiency challenges that the market poses.