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OVERVIEW – Time is money

Fluctuating gas prices and the often-hard-to-determine freelance labour cost cause a very unstable situation within the market in the transportation sector. In this industry, it is not possibile to charge clients with the above-mentioned supplemental costs because of the “sensitive” nature of prices. Integrated document management allows a reduction of costs and provides clients with a top-notch technical assistance service.


  • Paper documents ARCHIVING
  • ACCESS to DOCUMENT pool via the INTERNET


It is possible to eliminate waiting and turnaround time: representatives were once almost exclusively engaged in activities like recording, archiving and transmitting waybills to the centralized invoice issuing department; nowadays it is feasible to save several hours of work.

Advantages are clear: a faster invoice issuing leads to a financial benefit.

The time-consuming document filing or the potential loss of documents along the sorting, distributing and processing of mail now belong to the past.

External users, i.e. clients or appointed companies, can access their own documents via the Internet. Customer service can be substantially improved; Optimal ticketing management.


A company has to deal with a considerable amount of paper documents on a monthly basis. Thanks to the integrated document management, we can improve not only productivity and competitiveness but also the technical assistance service for our clients.

Documents are easily accessible in a few seconds; interrelated documents can also be consulted; checks, verifications and sorting are immediate. The documental system becomes an essential part of the workflow, facilitating staff’s activities and increasing productivity and the general efficiency of organizational structures.

The tangible savings obtained through adoption of Archiving and Legal Conservation are remarkable. The traditional ledger requires much recording space for each year, hence calling for large physical storage space, which can require costly safety measures: a whole year can be storage on one DVD, or more accurately, just one quarter of its memory is actually necessary.

It is possible to uninstall dedicated printers, thus saving large amounts of paper and making folders obsolete; the manual process of collecting and archiving documents, once necessary to assemble the ledger, becomes redundant.

Above all, the different endorsement procedure provided for the substitutive ledger allows to save thousands of euros in stamp duties every year.