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OVERVIEW – The charme of being always competitive

Efficiency improvement in the execution of activities is a goal pursued by many companies in the field in order to increase competitiveness. This production sector deals with a multiplicity of documents and information that flow within several departments (administrative, quality, purchasing, tech, sales), resulting in difficulties in sharing and traceability. It follows that companies in the field which aim to a constant improvement of the organization start using process e-management tools, actually understanding the advantages in terms of reduction of errors, transparency expansion and information visibility.


  • Huge QUANTITY of paper produced by different departments
  • TRACEABILITY of operations
  • Not always coded PROCESSES
  • TIME used in the management of internal approbatory steps


Our assistance in this area of interest has progressively become pervasive in the intent of solving issues that each department reveals. This approach allows us to link the entire organization in a joint and shared management on our platform. In particular we address the peculiar processes of each department:

  • PURCHASING department: purchase orders approval, requests for quotation, intracompany orders etc..
  • QUALITY department: non conformity, quality manual etc..
  • TECH department: modification request process, versions of documents etc..
  • SALES department: flow of shipping purchase confirmation, payment remainders etc..

The approach considers the usual administrative management of documents and related processes, drastically reducing paper production.


The main benefit that comes form this approach is the improvement of communication among different departments and leads to a faster and more “documented” process. The whole organizational chain operates on a common ground that collects documents and information among operators and consolidates them in a safe and centralized platform where the corporate information assets are safeguarded. A better process management gives the company the opportunity to more effectively focus on the productive process, since it eliminates the inefficiencies typical of a paper management and/or non-coded processes.